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Examination Period: winter semester 2017

Please register during the registration period for exams of winter semester 2017. We kindly ask you to read announcements on the web (Intranet TUHH) because date and times might change. For oral exams as well as exams by arragement please contact the examiner immediately, at the latest until examination period starts.

Please note that the registration period begins on December 4, 2017 at 0:00 a.m. and ends on December 17, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.!
Later registrations cannot be considered!!!

The examination period for written and oral exams is from February 5, 2018 to March 31, 2018. In the last two weeks of lecture period some institutes already offer exams for study certificates.

If you follow the link you will find important informations about the examinations that take place at "Sporthalle des Bürgerzentrums Feuervogel".

If you follow the link you will find important informations about the examinations that take place at "Terminal Tango".

If you follow the link you will find important informations about the examinations that take place at "Messehallen Schnelsen".

The registration period for these exams is 04.12.2017 to 17.12.2017

Accounting by arrangement
Accounting (Modul)/Management and Financial Accounting/Corporate Finance 19.02.2018  
Advanced Concepts of Wireless Communications (Modul) 19.02.2018  
Advanced Foundation Engineering and Soil Laboratory Course (Modul)/Advanced Foundation Engineering 06.02.2018  
Advanced Materials (Modul) 08.03.2018 TUHH, ES 42 (Building M), Room 3512
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Advanced Materials Developments 08.03.2018 TUHH, ES 42 (Building M), Room 3512
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Advanced Mechanical Design Project 12.02.2018  
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design (Modul)/Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design I and II 12.02.2018  
Advanced Ship Design 05.02.2018  
Advanced Technical Biochemistry by arrangement
Advanced Topics in Waste Resource Management by arrangement
Aerobic and anaerobic Waste Treatment by arrangement
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics I (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Aeronautical Systems (Modul)/ Fundamentals of Aircraft Systems/ Air Transportation Systems 23.02.2018  
Air Conditioning (Modul) 05.03.2018  
Air Pollution Abatement 05.03.2018  
Aircraft Cabin Systems (Modul) 19.03.2018  
Aircraft Design I (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Aircraft Design II 14.02.2018  
Aircraft Systems I (Modul) 07.03.2018  
Aircraft Systems II (Modul) 15.03.2018  
Aircraft Systems III by arrangement
Airport Planning and Operations (Modul) 02.03.2018  
Algebraic Geometry and Statistics by arrangement
Algebraic Methods in Information and Communication Technology by arrangement
Algebraic Statistics by arrangement
Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology (Modul)/Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology by arrangement
Algorithmic Algebra (Modul) by arrangement
Algorithms in Algebra and Analysis by arrangement
Analogy Circuit Design / Digital Circuit Design 05.02.2018  
Analysis for Technomathematicians (Modul)/Analysis I for Technomathematicians (WiSe)/Analysis II for Technomathematicans (SuSe) 14.02.2018 TUHH, ES 40 (Geb. N), Raum N0.007
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Analysis of Maritime Systems 23.03.2018  
Analytical Methods and Treatment Technologies for Wastewaters (Modul)/Low-Cost Procedures for Water and Wastewater Analysis/Physico-Chemical Water Treatment by arrangement
Application Security (Modul) 06.03.2018  
Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Naval Architecture by arrangement
Applied Automation by arrangement
Applied Computational Methods in Materials Science 27.02.2018  
Applied Dynamics: Numerical and experimental methods (Modul) by arrangement
Applied Groundwater Modeling 22.02.2018  
Applied Statistics for Engineers (Modul) by arrangement
Applied Surface Hydrology 08.02.2018  
Applied thermodynamics: Thermodynamic Properties for Industrial Applications (Modul) 01.02.2018 by arrangement
und 02.02.2018 Mündliche Prüfungen - nach Vereinbarung
Asset Management and Superordinate Aspects (Modul)/Asset Management in the Energy Industry/Logistics and Information Technology/Hydrogen Technology 07.03.2018  
Automation Technology 22.03.2018  
Automation Technology and Systems (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Auxiliary Systems on board of ships by arrangement
Aviation Security by arrangement
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BIO I Experimental Methods of Biomechanics (Modul) 07.03.2018  
BIO I: Implants and Fracture Healing (Modul) by arrangement
BIO II Artificial Joint Replacement (Modul) by arrangement
BIO II: Biomaterials (Modul) by arrangement
Basics of Electrical Engineering (Modul) 06.02.2018  
Basics of Electrical Engineering II 26.02.2018  
Baukonstruktion (Modul)/Basics of Structural Design 15.03.2018  
Biocatalysis (Modul)/Biokatalyse und Enzymtechnologie/Technical Biocatalysis 05.02.2018  
Biochemistry and Microbiology (Modul)/Biochemistry/Microbiology 26.03.2018  
Bioenergy (Modul)/ Biofuels Process Technology/ Thermal Utilization of Biomass/ World Market for Agricultural Commodities/ Sustainable Mobility 28.02.2018  
Biofluels and their Use II (Modul)/Internal Combustion Engines II 05.02.2018 Biokraftstoffverfahrenstechnik jetzt im Modul "Bioenergie" am 28.02.2018
Biofuels and their Use I (Modul)/Biofuels Process Technology/Internal Combustion Engines I 09.02.2018 Biokraftstoffverfahrenstechnik jetzt im Modul
Bioinformatics by arrangement
Biology, Geology and Chemie (Modul)/Biology/Geology/Environmental Analysis 19.02.2018  
Biomaterials by arrangement
Biomechanics of the Human Locomotor System I by arrangement
Biomechanics of the Human Locomotor System II by arrangement
Bioprocess Engineering - Advanced 13.02.2018  
Bioprocess Engineering - Fundamentals 13.02.2018  
Bioprocess Engineering for Medical Application by arrangement
Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering (Modul)/Bioreactor Design and Operation/Biosystem Engineering 13.02.2018  
Biorefinery Technology by arrangement
Bioresources and Biorefineries (Modul)/Bio Refinery Technology/Bioressource Management by arrangement
Biotechnical Processes by arrangement
Boundary Element Methods (Modul) 01.03.2018  
Building Materials and Building Chemistry (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Building Materials and Building Preservation (Modul)/ 02.03.2018  
Building Materials, Building Chemistry II (GTW) by arrangement
Building Materials, Damages and Repair for the study course renewable energy 23.02.2018  
Building Physics 09.02.2018  
Business Decision Making by arrangement
Business Logistics and SCM/ Value Adding Networks 02.03.2018  
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CAD Tools (Modul) / Methodology for IC-Design by arrangement
CAPE Aided Process Engineering by arrangement
CMOS-Nanoelectronics with Practice (Modul) 23.02.2018  
Cabin Systems Engineering (Modul) by arrangement
Cavitation by arrangement
Cell and Tissue Engineering (Modul)/Fundamentals of Cell and Tissue Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering for Medical Application by arrangement
Ceramics Technology 16.02.2018  
Ceramics and Polymers (Modul) /Structure and Properties of Polymers/ Ceramics Technology 16.02.2018  
Chemical Kinetics by arrangement
Chemical Reaction Egineering (Modul) (Advanced Topics) 07.03.2018  
Chemical Reaction Engineering (Modul) (Fundamentals) 07.03.2018  
Chemistry (Modul) (GES)/ Chemistry (GES) I and Chemistry (GES) II 13.02.2018 (Prof. Wutz/Rechtenbach)
Chemistry (Modul)/Chemistry I and Chemistry II 13.02.2018 (Prof. Wutz/Rechtenbach)
Chemistry I / Chemistry II / Biological and Environmental Fundamentals 13.02.2018 (Prof. Wutz/Rechtenbach)
Chemistry I/ Chemistry II GES 13.02.2018 (Prof. Wutz/Rechtenbach)
Chemistry II (Organic Chemistry) 13.02.2018 UniHH, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6; Institut f. Chemie; Hörsaal B
Prof. Theato/Prof. Luinstra
Chromatographic Separation Procedures 23.03.2018  
Circuit Design (Modul) 08.03.2018  
Civil- and Environmental Management (Modul)/Civil- and Environmental Management/Law of Building Contracts/Environmental Law 19.02.2018  
Coastal Engineering I (Modul)/Basics of Coastal Engineering 28.02.2018  
Coastal Hydraulic Engineering II (Modul)/Coastal- and Flood Protection/Maintennance and Defence of Flood Protection Structures 07.02.2018  
Collector Technology 13.02.2018  
Combinatorial Structures and Algorithms (Modul) by arrangement
Combined Heat and Power and Combustion Technology (Modul) 12.03.2018  
Communication Networks I - Analysis and Structure (Modul)/Analysis and Structure of Communication Networks/Selected Topics in Communication Networks by arrangement
Communication Networks II: Topical Networking Technologies by arrangement
Compiler Construction (Modul) by arrangement
Complex Functions 06.03.2018  
Computability and Complexity Theory by arrangement
Computational Algebraic Geometry by arrangement
Computational Fluid Dynamics by arrangement
Computational Fluid Dynamics I 29.03.2018  
Computational Fluid Dynamics I (Modul) 29.03.2018  
Computational Fluid Dynamics II 08.02.2018  
Computational Fluid Dynamics II (Modul) 08.02.2018  
Computational Geometry (Modul) by arrangement
Computational Logic by arrangement
Computational Structural Dynamics (Modul) 23.02.2018  
Computational Web by arrangement
Computer Aided Design and Computation 14.03.2018  
Computer Architecture (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Computer Engineering (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Computer Graphics (Modul) 21.02.2018  
Computer Networks and Internet Security (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Computer Science for Mechanical Engineers (Modul)/Computer Science for Mechanical Engineers I/Computer Science for Mechanical Engineers II 15.03.2018  
Computer Science for mechanical engineers I 15.03.2018  
Computer Science for mechanical engineers II 15.03.2018  
Conceptual Design of Structures / Light-Weight Structures (Modul) by arrangement
Concrete Structures (Modul)/Structural Concrete Members 23.03.2018  
Concrete Structures II (Modul) 28.02.2018  
Construction Management 19.02.2018  
Construction and Apparatus Engineering (Modul) 16.02.2018  
Continuum Mechanics (Modul) by arrangement
Control Methods in Medical Technology by arrangement
Control Systems II (=Control Systems Theory and Design) 02.03.2018  
Control Systems Theory and Design (Modul) 02.03.2018  
Control Systems for Hydrostatic Drives by arrangement
Control Systems for Machine Tools (Machine Tools IV) by arrangement
Convex and Semidefinite Optimization by arrangement
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Databases (Modul) by arrangement
Design and Implemtation of Software Systems (Modul) 07.02.2018  
Design of Prestressed Structures and Concrete Bridges (Modul) 16.02.2018  
Design with Polymers and Composites (Modul) 23.02.2018  
Development Management for Mechatronics by arrangement
Development of Renewable Energy Projects 07.02.2018  
Digital Audio Signal Processing (Modul) by arrangement
Digital Communications (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Digital Image Analysis (Modul) 05.03.2018  
Digital Image Processing 05.03.2018  
Digital Signal Processing and Digital Filters (Modul) 06.02.2018  
Digital Video Signal Coding 15.03.2018  
Discrete Algebraic Structures (Modul) 07.02.2018  
Distributed Algorithms (Modul) by arrangement
Distributed Systems (Modul) 26.02.2018  
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E-Commerce 13.02.2018  
ELectrical Engineering for Technomathematicians (Modul)/I+II 22.03.2018  
EMC I: Couplings, Countermeasures and Test Procedures (Modul) by arrangement
Economics (Modul)/International Economics/Main Theoretical and Political Concepts 16.03.2018  
Economics/International Economics 16.03.2018  
Efficient Algorithms (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Eigenvalue Problems by arrangement
Electric Installation on Ships by arrangement
Electrical Design and Characterisation of Microwave Packages, Interconnects and Materials by arrangement
Electrical Engineering I (Modul) (GES) 22.03.2018  
Electrical Engineering I: Direct Current Networks and Electromagnetic Fields (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Electrical Engineering II (GES) (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Electrical Engineering II (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Electrical Engineering III: Circuit THeory and Transients (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Electrical Engineering VI: Transmission Lines and Research Seminar 12.02.2018  
Electrical Machines 26.02.2018  
Electrical Machines (Modul) 26.02.2018  
Electrical Power Supply (Modul) 27.03.2018  
Electrical Power Systems I (Modul) 27.03.2018  
Electrical Power Systems II by arrangement
Electricity Generation from Wind and Hydro Power (Modul)/ Hydro Power Use/ Wind Turbine Plants/ Wind Energy Use - Focus Offshore 14.03.2018  
Electromagnetic Compatibility by arrangement
Electromagnetic Waves (Modul) by arrangement
Electronic Circuits for Medical Applications (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Electronic Devices (MS) by arrangement
Electronic Devices (Modul) 09.03.2018  
Electronic Devices and Circuits (Modul)/Electronic Devices/Circuit Design 09.03.2018  
Embedded Systems (Modul) 13.03.2018  
Energie Information Systems and Electrombility (Modul)/Electrical Power Systems II/Electro mobility by arrangement
Energy Systems and Economy/ Elctricity Economics 01.03.2018  
Energy Trading 15.02.2018  
Energy from Biomass/ Bioresource Management 28.02.2018  
Energy from Biomass/ International Logistics 28.02.2018  
Energyprojects and their Assessment (Modul)/ Development of Renewable Energy Projects/ Substainability Management/Economics of an Energy Provision from Renewables 07.02.2018  
Engineering Design I/II (questions and calculations) 21.03.2018  
Engineering Design III/IV (questions and calculations) 12.02.2018  
Engineering Mechanics II 14.03.2018  
Engineering design: Machine elements 12.02.2018  
Entrepreneurship Prüfung nur im Sommersemester!
Environemental Aquatic Chemistry by arrangement
Environmental Analysis 19.02.2018  
Environmental Analysis and water technologie practice (Modul) 19.02.2018  
Environmental Aspects in Aviation by arrangement
Environmental Assessment (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Environmental Assessment and Environmental Technology (Modul)/Environmental Assessment/Environmental Technologie 14.02.2018  
Environmental Control and Environmental Management (Modul)/Integrated Pollution Control/Health, Safety and Environmental Management 12.02.2018  
Environmental Laws by arrangement
Environmental Measurement Technology by arrangement
Environmental Protection and Sustainability by arrangement
Environmental Technology (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Essentials of Handling and Assembly Systems by arrangement
Examination of Materials,Structural Condition and Damages (Modul) 08.02.2018  
Examples in Solid Process Engineering (Modul) 14.03.2018 TUHH, SBS 93 (Building A), Raum A1.15.1/2
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Factory Planning & Production Logistics (Modul)/Factory Planning/Production Logistics 21.02.2018  
Fatigue Strength of Ships and Offshore Structures (Modul) by arrangement
Fatigue and Damage Tolerance by arrangement
Fibre and Integrated Optics (Modul) by arrangement
Financial and Management Accounting / Finance and Investment 19.02.2018  
Finite Element Design of Concrete Structures (Modul) by arrangement
Finite Elements Methods (Modul) 14.03.2018  
Flight Guidance and Airline Operations (Modul)/Airline Operations/Flight Guidance and Airline Operations 23.02.2018  
Flight Mechanics II (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Fluid Dynamics (Modul) 12.03.2018  
Fluid Dynamics II 20.02.2018  
Fluid Mechanics I 19.03.2018 Alte Kohorten
Fluid Mechanics and Ocean Energy (Modul)/Energy from the Ocean/Fluid Mechanics II 20.02.2018  
Fluid Mechanics for Naval Architects (Modul) 12.03.2018  
Fluid Mechanics in Process Engineering (Modul)/Fluid Mechanics II 20.02.2018  
Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Geo-information-systems in Water Management (Modul)/Geo-Information-Systems in Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering/Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 05.03.2018  
Fluidics (Modul) 20.03.2018  
Fluidization Technology by arrangement
Fluidprocess Engineering 23.02.2018  
Food Technology (Modul) 08.02.2018  
Forming Technology by arrangement
Forming and Cutting Technology 16.03.2018  
Forum Materials, Physics and Chemistry of Buildings by arrangement
Foundations of Machine Learning and Data-Mining 05.02.2018  
Foundations of Management (Modul) 12.03.2018  
Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue II by arrangement
Fracture mechanics and fatigue in steel structures 05.03.2018  
Fuel Cell Systems by arrangement
Fuels and Lubricants by arrangement
Functional Programming (Modul) 21.03.2018  
Fundamentals in Inorganic Chemistry (Modul) 19.02.2018 UniHH, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6; Institut f. Chemie; Hörsaal A
(Prof. Luinstra)
Fundamentals in Molecular Biology (Modul)/ Genetics/Molecular Biology 21.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Aircraft Systems 23.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Cell and Tissue Engineering / Bioprocess Engineering for Medical Application by arrangement
Fundamentals of Combustion Technology 12.03.2018  
Fundamentals of Communication Engineering 27.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (Modul) 19.03.2018  
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 23.03.2018  
Fundamentals of IC Design (Modul) by arrangement
Fundamentals of Marine Engineering 09.02.2018 = Schiffs-Antriebstechnik (Modul)
Fundamentals of Maschine Tools 16.03.2018  
Fundamentals of Materials Science I 07.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Materials Science I/ Fundamentals of Materials Science II 07.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Materials Science II 07.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Materials Science II (1/2 Sem) 07.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Design (Modul) 21.03.2018  
Fundamentals of Naval Architecture by arrangement
Fundamentals of Process Engineering (Modul)/Introduction into Process Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering/Fundamentals of material engineering 07.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Production and Quality Management (Modul)/Production Process Organization/Quality Management 01.03.2018  
Fundamentals of Reciprocating Engines and Turbomachinery 09.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Ship Structural Analysis 15.02.2018  
Fundamentals of Ship Structural Design and Analysis (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Fundamentals of mechanical properties of materials 01.03.2018  
Fundamentals of technical drawing (Modul) 06.02.2018  
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Gas Distribution Systems by arrangement
Gas and Steam Power Plants (Modul) 08.03.2018  
Genetics/Molecular Biology 26.03.2018 Nachschreibeklausur
Geochemical Engineering (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Geochemical Engineering (Modul)/Contaminated Sites and Landfilling/Geochemical Engineering 26.03.2018  
Geohydraulic and Soil Transport 12.03.2018  
Geology and Soil Science 19.02.2018  
Geotechnics I/Soil Mechanics (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Glass Structures 23.02.2018  
Graph Theory and Optimization (Modul) 01.03.2018  
Ground Water Engineering 05.03.2018  
Groundwater (Modul)/Geohydraulic and Solute Transport/Simulation in Groudwader Hydrology 12.03.2018  
Gundamentals of Materials Science (Modul)/Fundamentals of Materials Science I/Fundamentals of Materials Science II (Advanced Ceramic Materials, Polymers and Composites)/Physical and Chemical Basics of Materials Science 07.02.2018  
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Habour Engineering and Habour Planning (Modul)/Habour Engineering/Habour Engineering and Habour Planning 08.03.2018  
Hazardous Substances and Process Safety by arrangement
Health, Safety and Environmental Management 12.02.2018  
Heat Radiation and Heat Exchanger by arrangement
Heat Transfer (Modul) 02.03.2018  
Heat and Mass Transfer (Modul) 23.03.2018  
Heat and Mass Transfer II 15.03.2018  
Heterogeneous Catalysis (Modul)/Analysis and Design of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactors/Modern Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis by arrangement
Heterogeneous Equilibria by arrangement
Hierarchical Algorithms (Modul) by arrangement
High Pressure Chemical Engineering (Modul)/High Pressure Technique for Apparatus Engineering/Industrial Processes Under High Pressure/Advanced Separation Processes by arrangement
High-Order FEM (Modul) by arrangement
High-Performance Computing (Modul)/Fundamentals of High-Performance Computing by arrangement
Hydraulic Engineering I (Modul) 27.03.2018  
Hydraulic Engineering II (Modul)/Hydraulics/Hydraulic Engineering 26.03.2018  
Hydrodynamics of High Speed Water Vehicles by arrangement
Hydrogen Technology 08.02.2018  
Hydrological Systems (Modul)/Applied Surface Hydrology/Interaction Environment/Water in River Basins 08.02.2018  
Hydrostatics and Hullform (Modul) 14.03.2018  
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IT Security Risk Management by arrangement
IT for Logistics (Modul) 07.03.2018  
Ice Engineering by arrangement
Illustrations as Means of Communication by arrangement
Implant Technology/ Development and Regulatory Approval of Implants 05.02.2018 TUHH, SBS93 (Building A), Room 2.39.1
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Industrial Biotransformations (Modul) by arrangement
Industrial Engineering by arrangement
Industrial Inorganic an Organic Processes by arrangement
Industrial Process Automation (Modul) 07.03.2018  
Industrial Process Management 12.03.2018  
Informatics (VT, BVT, EUT) 05.03.2018  
Informatics for Process Engineers (Modul) 05.03.2018  
Information Theory and Coding (Modul) 27.03.2018  
Innovation Management 09.02.2018  
Institutional Environment of InternationalManagement (Modul)/International Business Law 16.02.2018  
Instrumentation in Fiber Optics by arrangement
Integrated Circuits (Modul) by arrangement
Integrated Product Development I incl. CAE-Laboratory 26.03.2018  
Integrated Product Development II by arrangement
Integrated Product Development and Lightweight Design (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Integrated Production System Elements (Modul)/ Productivity Management 13.03.2018  
Integrated Transport Planning (Modul) by arrangement
Intellectual Property 12.02.2018  
Intelligent Autonomous Agents and Cognitive Robotics (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Intelligent Systems in Medicine (Modul) 08.02.2018  
Interfaces and interface-dominated Materials (Modul)/Interfaces 26.02.2018  
Internal Combustion Engines I 09.02.2018  
Internal Combustion Engines II 05.02.2018  
International Business (Modul) /International Management/Business-to-Business-Marketing/Intercultural Management and Communication) 06.02.2018  
International Economics 16.03.2018  
International Law for Engineeers 16.02.2018  
International Logistics and Transport Systems 16.03.2018  
Interphases in Process Technology by arrangement
Introduction in Statitics with R 12.03.2018  
Introduction into EUT (Modul) 23.03.2018  
Introduction into Medical Technology and Systems (Modul) 06.03.2018 TUHH, SBC3 (Building E) Room 3.089
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Introduction into VT, BVT 07.02.2018  
Introduction to Antenna Theory (Modul) by arrangement
Introduction to Business Planning and Accounting 12.03.2018  
Introduction to Coastal Engineering and Harbour Construction by arrangement
Introduction to Communications and Random Processes (Modul) 27.02.2018  
Introduction to Control Systems (Modul) 06.02.2018  
Introduction to Law 31.01.2018 TUHH, SBC 5 (Geb. H), Audimax I
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Introduction to Logistics and Mobility (Modul)/Introduction to Scientific Work/Freight Traffic and Logistics 09.02.2018  
Introduction to Maritime Technology 23.03.2018  
Introduction to Medicine I+II by arrangement
Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Logistics (Modul) 26.02.2018  
Introduction to Radiology and Radiation Therapy by arrangement
Introduction to Railways (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Introduction to Research by arrangement
Introduction to Security (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Introduction to Statistics 26.02.2018  
Introduction to Transportation Economics (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Introduction to materials testing by arrangement
Iterative Methods for Linear Systems by arrangement
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Konstruktionsklausur Getriebe 12.02.2018  
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Laboratory: Analog an Digital Circuits Design (Modul) 05.02.2018  
Labour Law by arrangement
Laser systems and methods of manufacturing design and analysis (Modul)/ Laser Systems and Process Technologies/ Methods for Analysing Production Processes 22.02.2018  
Lasertechnic by arrangement
Law for Engineers 16.02.2018  
Law of Building Contracts 19.02.2018  
Legal Aspects Related to the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy/ Waste Recycling Technologies/ Waste to Energy by arrangement
Legal Foundations of Transportation and Logistics (Modul) 02.03.2018  
Linear Algebra (Modul) (CS, GES) 05.03.2018  
Linear Algebra for Technomathematicians (Modul)/Linear Algebra for Technomathematicians I+II by arrangement
Logic, Automata and Formal Languages (Modul)/Logic, Automata Theory and Formal Languages 16.02.2018  
Logistics Management (Modul)/Logistics Economics / Introduction to Production Logistics 01.03.2018  
Logistics and Information Technology 07.03.2018  
Logistics systems - Industry 4.0 by arrangement
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MED I Introduction to Radiology and Radiation Therapy (Modul) by arrangement
MED I: Introduction to Anatomy (Modul) 14.02.2018 Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf, Building N61
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MED II Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Modul) by arrangement
MED II Introduction to Physiology (Modul) by arrangement
Machine Learning and Data Mining (Modul) 05.02.2018  
Man-Machine Interfaces by arrangement
Management (Modul)/Foundations of Management/Finance and Accounting 19.02.2018  
Management Consulting by arrangement
Management Control (Modul) 13.03.2018  
Management Control / Seminar Management Control 13.03.2018  
Management Control Systems for Operations (Modul) 07.02.2018  
Management of COmpetencies: Analyze your competencies to pass applications and assessments successfully by arrangement
Management of Surface Water (Modul)/Modelling of Flow in Rivers and Estuaries/Environmental Hydraulic Engineering 16.03.2018  
Management, Organization and Human Resource Management (Modul) by arrangement
Manoeurability and Shallow Water Ship Hydrodynamics (Modul)/ Manoeuvrability of Ships/ Shallow Water Ship Hydrodynamics 12.03.2018  
Manoeuvrablity of Ships 12.03.2018  
Manufacturing with Polymers and Composites 22.02.2018  
Marine Geotechnics and Numerics (Modul) 01.03.2018  
Marine Propellers by arrangement
Marine Propulsion (Modul)/Fundamentals of Reciprocating Engines and Turbomachinery - Part Reciprocating Engines/Fundamentals of Marine Engineering 09.02.2018  
Marine Soil Technics (Modul)/Analysis of Maritime Systems/Offshore Geotechnical Engineering 23.03.2018  
Maritime Technology and Maritime Systems (Modul)/ Analysis of Maritime Systems/ Introduction to Maritime Technology 23.03.2018  
Maritime Technology and Offshore Wind Parks (Modul)/Introductin to Martime Technology /Offshore Wind Parks 13.03.2018  
Maritime Transport (Modul) 14.02.2018  
Marketing (Modul)/ Innovation Marketing/Sales and Services 07.03.2018  
Marketing and Communication (Modul)/ Business-to-Business Marketing/ Intercultural Management and Communication 06.02.2018  
Marketing of Innovations by arrangement
Material Modeling (Modul) by arrangement
Materials Physics and Atomistic Materials Modeling (Modul)/Atomistic Materials Modeling/Material Physics 06.02.2018  
Materials Testing (GTW) 20.01.2018 TUHH, ES38(Bild. 0) Room 018
Planung durch den Prüfer
Materials for Energy Engineering Installations (Modul)/Building Materials, Damages and Repair/Structure and Properties of Composites 23.02.2018  
Materials in Electrical Engineering (Modul)/Electrotechnical Experiments/Materials in Electrical Engineering 28.03.2018  
Mathematical Analysis (Modul) (CS, GES) 28.03.2018  
Mathematical Image Processing (Modul) by arrangement
Mathematical Statistics (Modul) by arrangement
Mathematics I (Modul)/Analysis I/ Linear Algebra I 06.03.2018  
Mathematics I: Analysis I 06.03.2018  
Mathematics I: Linear Algebra I 06.03.2018  
Mathematics II (Modul)/Analysis II/Linear Algebra II 05.03.2018  
Mathematics II: Analysis II 05.03.2018  
Mathematics II: Linear Algebra II 05.03.2018  
Mathematics III: Analysis III 06.03.2018  
Mathematics III: Differential Equations I 06.03.2018  
Mathematics IV: Differential Equations II 05.03.2018 UniHH, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6; Institut f. Chemie; Hörsaal A 10:00
Mathematik III - Differential Equations I (Modul) 06.03.2018  
Mathematik IV/Complexe Funktion 05.03.2018 UniHH, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6; Institut f. Chemie; Hörsaal A 11:30
Measurement Technology for Mechanical and Process Engineers (Modul) 13.03.2018  
Mechanical Design Methodology (Modul) by arrangement
Mechanical Engineering I+II (Design exam) 21.03.2018  
Mechanical Engineering: Design (Modul) 21.03.2018  
Mechanical Properties (Modul) 21.03.2018  
Mechanics I - (GES) (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics I (Modul) (Statics) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics I for ET/IT 14.03.2018  
Mechanics I+II for Technomathematicans 22.02.2018  
Mechanics II (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics II - GES (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics II for ET/IT 14.03.2018  
Mechanics III (Modul) (Hydrostratics, Kinematics, Kinetics I) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics III - (GES) (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Mechanics IV (Modul) (Kinetics II, Oscillations, Analytical Mechanics, Multibody Systems) 21.02.2018  
Mechanims, Systems and Processes of Materials Testing 20.01.2018 TUHH, ES38(Bild. 0) Room 018
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Mechatronic Systems (Modul)/Electro- and Contromechanics 26.02.2018  
Media Design by arrangement
Medical Image Processing by arrangement
Medical Imaging Systems (Modul) 28.03.2018  
Membrane Technology by arrangement
Metallic Light-weight Materials (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Metallic Materials for Aircraft Applications 15.03.2018  
Methodology for IC-Design by arrangement
Methods and Daten Processing (Modul) 20.03.2018  
Methods of Integrated Product Development (Modul)/Integrated Product Development II by arrangement
Methods of Process Safety and Dangerous Substances by arrangement
Methods of Production Process Design (Modul) 22.02.2018  
Metrology and Sensors I by arrangement
Metrology and Sensors II by arrangement
Metrology and Sensors II / Optoelectronic Instrumentation by arrangement
Microbiology 26.03.2018  
Microcontroller Circuits: Implementation in Hardware and Software (Modul) by arrangement
Microelectronic Materials by arrangement
Microscopy, Fractography, Failure Analysis 15.03.2018  
Microsystem Design (Modul) by arrangement
Microsystem Technologies (Modul) by arrangement
Microsystems Technology in Theory and Practice (Modul)/Microsystem Technology by arrangement
Microwave Engineering (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Microwave Semiconductor Devices and Circuits I by arrangement
Microwave Semiconductor Devices and Circuits II by arrangement
Mircrosystem Engineering (Modul) 07.02.2018  
Mobility Research and Transportation by arrangement
Mobility of Good and Commercial Traffic by arrangement
Mobility of Goods and Logistics Systems (Modul) International Logistics and Transporet Systems/Mobility of Goods, Logistics, Traffic 16.03.2018  
Modeling in Water Management (Modul)/Applied Groundwater Modelling/Modeling of Water Supply and Sewer Network 22.02.2018  
Modeling of Granular Materials (Modul)/Multiscale simulation of granular materials/Thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of the solid state 06.03.2018  
Modelling and Management of complex hydrological systems/ Interaction Environment/Water in River Basins by arrangement
Modelling and technical design of bio refinery processes (Modul) by arrangement
Modelling of Flow in Rivers and Estuaries 16.03.2018  
Modelling of Hydraulic Engineering (Modul)/Modelling of Waves/Modelling of Flow in Rivers and Estuaries 16.03.2018  
Modelling of Waves and Complex Flow Structures / Application of Coastal and Harbour Engineering Systems by arrangement
Modern Developments and Applications of Advanced Ceramics by arrangement
Modern Methods for Modelling of Communication Networks by arrangement
Modern Wireless Systems by arrangement
Molecular Modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (Modul)/Computational Fluid Dynamics in Process Engineering /Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Modelling by arrangement
Multiphase Materials (Modul)/ Structure and Properties of Composites/Polymer Composites 27.02.2018 Aufbau und Eigenschaften der Verbundwerkstoffe bereits 16.02.2018
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Nature's Hierarchical Materials by arrangement
Network Security 16.03.2018  
Network Security (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Neural and Genetic Computing for Control of Dynamic Systems by arrangement
New Technologies in Medicine by arrangement
New Technologies in Medicine (Modul)/ Biomechanics of the Human Locomotor System I by arrangement
Nonlinear Dynamics (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Nonlinear Optimization (Modul) 20.03.2018  
Nonlinear Structural Analysis (Modul) 28.03.2018  
Nuclear Power Plants and Steam Turbines (Modul)/ Steam Turbines in Renewable and Conventional Applications/Basics for Nuclear Power Plants 28.02.2018  
Numeric and Computer Algebra (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Numerical Algebraic Geometry by arrangement
Numerical Algorithms in Structural Mechanics (Modul) by arrangement
Numerical Analysis and Matrice Theory by arrangement
Numerical Mathematics I (Modul) 27.01.2018 TUHH, DE15 (Building K), Room 1.520
Zeitliche Einteilung erfolgt durch den Dozenten
Numerical Mathematics II (Modul) by arrangement
Mündliche Prüfung
Numerical Methods for Field Computation by arrangement
Numerical Methods for Medical Imaging 27.02.2018  
Numerical Methods for international Programs by arrangement
Numerical Methods in Biomechanics by arrangement
Numerical Simulation by arrangement
Numerical Software by arrangement
Numerical Treatment of Large Nonlinear Systems by arrangement
Numerical Treatment of Ordinary Differential Equations 05.02.2018  
Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations (Modul) by arrangement
Numerical and Seminumerical Programming by arrangement
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Object Oriented System Development in Process Automation by arrangement
Objectoriental Programming in Logistics 08.02.2018 Poolroom DE 17, (Building L), Room 3038P1 09:00
Objectoriented Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures (Modul) 09.02.2018  
Oecosystems and Evironment Protection by arrangement
Offshore Wind Farms 13.03.2018  
Operating Systems (Modul) 28.03.2018  
Operation and Management of Transportation Systems by arrangement
Operation of Public Transportation Systems (Modul) by arrangement
Operations Research by arrangement
Optical Communications I / Optical Communications II by arrangement
Optics in Materials Science I by arrangement
Optics in Materials Science II by arrangement
Optielectronics II - Quantum Optics (Modul) by arrangement
Optimal and Robust Control by arrangement
Optimization in Logistics (Modul)/Simulation Methods 26.02.2018  
Optoelectronics I - Wave Optics (Modul) by arrangement
Organic Chemistry (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Organization international companies and IT (Modul)/Logistics and Information Technology/Human Resoruce Management and Organization Design 07.03.2018  
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Parameter Identification and Adaptive Control by arrangement
Particle Technology I 08.03.2018  
Particle Technology and Solid Matter Process Technology (Modul)/Particle Technology I 08.03.2018  
Particle Technology and Solid Matter Process Technology (Modul)/Particle Technology II 08.03.2018  
Particle Technology for International Master Programs (Modul) 08.03.2018  
Pattern Recognition and Data Compression (Modul) 15.03.2018  
Phase Equilibria Thermodynamics (Modul)/Thermodynamics III 21.03.2018  
Phenemena und Methods in Materials Science (Modul)/ Experimental Methods for the Characterization of Materials/Phase equilibria and transformations 16.02.2018  
Photovoltaic by arrangement
Physical Basis and Concepts of Nuclear Power Plants 28.02.2018  
Physical Chemistry (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Physico-Chemical Water Treatment / Low-cost Procedures for Water and Wastewater Analysis by arrangement
Physics I by arrangement
Prof. Johnson
Physics II by arrangement
Physics VT/BVT/EUT (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Physics for Engineers (AIW, ET) 06.02.2018  
Physics for Engineers (Modul) (AIW, ET) 06.02.2018  
Physics for Engineers (Modul) (GES) 06.02.2018  
Physics of High Temperature Strength by arrangement
Physics of Semiconductor Devices I by arrangement
Physics of Semiconductor Devices II by arrangement
Planning of Transportation Infrastructure by arrangement
Polymers (Modul)/Structure and Properties of Polymers/Processing and design with polymers 16.02.2018  
Polymers and Composites(Modul)/Structure and Properties of Polymers/Structure and Properties of Composites 16.02.2018  
Port Logistics (Modul) 27.03.2018  
Power Electronics by arrangement
Practical Coruse on Instrumentation by arrangement
Principles of Building materials and Building Physics (Modul)/Principles of Building Materials/Building Physics 09.02.2018  
Private Business Law by arrangement
Procedural Programming (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Process Data Processing by arrangement
Process Design Project (Modul) by arrangement
Process Engineering for Materials (Modul)/ Cheramics Technology/ Manufacturing with Polymers and Composites 16.02.2018  
Process Measurement Engineering by arrangement
Process Systems Energieering and Transport Processes (Modul)/Multiphase Flows/Process Systems Engineering/Heat & Mass Transfer in Process Engineering 01.03.2018  
Process and Plant Engineering I (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Processes of Water and Waste Water Treatment 29.03.2018  
Product Planning (Modul) 05.03.2018  
Production Engineering (Modul)/Production Engineering I/Production Engineering II 05.02.2018  
Production Engineering I-III 05.02.2018  
Production Engineering I/II 05.02.2018  
Production Logistics 21.02.2018  
Production Management and Organization 27.02.2018  
Production Planning & Control and Digital Enterprise (Modul)/The Digital Enterprise/Production Planing and Control 27.02.2018  
Production Process Organisation 01.03.2018  
Production Technology (Modul)/Fundamentals of Machine Tools/Forming and Cutting Technology 16.03.2018  
Project Management (Modul)/ Strategies and Methods of Negotiating / Project Management Methods by arrangement
Project Management (Nachweis) 12.02.2018  
Prozess- and Plant Engineering II (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Public and Constitutional law 31.01.2018 TUHH, SBC 5 (Geb. H), Audimax I
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Qualitiy Management 01.03.2018  
Quantitative Methods - Statistics and Operations Research (Modul) 26.02.2018  
Quantum Computation (Modul) by arrangement
Quantum Mechanics for Engineers (Modul) 19.02.2018  
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Radar Technique and Signal Processing by arrangement
Radiation and Optic 13.02.2018  
Railways (Modul) 06.03.2018  
Rapid Production (Modul) by arrangement
Reactors for heterogeneous Catalysis by arrangement
Realization of an I&K Application System by arrangement
Realtime Systems by arrangement
Reciprocating Machinery (Modul)/ Fundamentals of Reciprocating Engines and Turbomachinery - Part Reciprocating Egines/ Internal Combustion Engines I 09.02.2018  
Regenerative Medicine (Modul) by arrangement
Reinforced Concrete I (Modul)/ Reinforced Concrete Design I 28.02.2018  
Reliability in Engineering Dynamics 23.03.2018  
Reliability of Aircraft Systems 20.03.2018  
Renewables and Energy Systems (Modul)/Electricity Economics/Energy Systems and Economy/Renewable Energy 01.03.2018  
Research Project in Process Engineering (Modul) by arrangement
Resistance and Propulsion (Modul) 19.03.2018  
Resources Oriented Sanitation: High- and Low-Tech Options (Modul) by arrangement
Risk Management by arrangement
Risk Management, Hydrogen und Fuel Cell Technology (Modul) / Applied Fuel Cell Technology/ Risk Management in the Energy Industry/ Hydrogen Technology 08.02.2018  
Robotics (Modul)/Robotics: Modelling and Control 27.03.2018  
Robotics II by arrangement
Robotics and Navigation in Medicine (Modul) 26.03.2018 TUHH, ES 40 (Geb. N), Raum N0.007
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Sales and Services by arrangement
Sanitary Engineering (Modul)/ Wastewater Disposal/ Drinking Water Supply 29.03.2018  
Seakeeping of Ships and Laboratory on Naval Architecture (Modul) 21.02.2018  
Selected Problems of Maritime Techology in Industrial Applications by arrangement
Selected Topics in Maritime Technology by arrangement
Semiconductor Technology I (Modul) by arrangement
Sensoric by arrangement
Separation Technologies for Life Sciences (Modul)/Chromatographic Separation Processes/Unit Operationsfor Bio-Related Systems 23.03.2018  
Shallow Water Ship Hydrodynamics 12.03.2018  
Ship Acoustics by arrangement
Ship Design (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Ship Dynamics 01.03.2018  
Ship Production Technology 08.02.2018  
Ship Safety (Modul) 15.03.2018  
Ship Structural Design I+II 05.02.2018  
Ship Vibration (Modul) 06.03.2018  
Signals and Systems (Modul) 14.03.2018  
Simulation and Design of Mechatronic Systems (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Simulation in intra logistics (Modul) 26.01.2018 TUHH, SBS 95(Geb. E) Room E2058P2 13:00
Simulation of Dynamic Systems 22.03.2018  
Simulation of Dynamic Systems and Reliability (Modul)/ Simulation of Dynamic Systems/ Reliability of Dynamic Systems 22.03.2018  
Simulations in Ground Water Hydrology 12.03.2018  
Six Sigma Methodology in Quality Management by arrangement
Sludge Treatment by arrangement
Soft-Computing by arrangement
Software Analysis (Modul) 13.03.2018  
Software Engineering (Modul) 09.03.2018  
Software Security (Modul) 07.03.2018  
Software Testing (Modul) by arrangement
Software Verification (Modul) 23.03.2018  
Software for Embedded Systems (Modul) 27.02.2018  
Soil Mechanics II (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Soil Mechanics and -Dynamics (Modul)/Soil mechanics Selected Topics/Soil Dynamics/Project Geotechnik 14.02.2018  
Soil and Groundwater Contamination (Modul)/NAPL in Soil and Groundwater by arrangement
Soil mechanics - Selected Topics 14.02.2018  
Solids Processing II 08.03.2018  
Solvers for Sparse Linear Systems by arrangement
Special Structures and Materials in Ships and Ocean Engineering by arrangement
Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics by arrangement
Special Topics of Ship Propulsion and Hydrodynamics of High Speed Water Vehicles (Modul) by arrangement
Stability Problems in Steel Structures 26.02.2018  
Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Modeling by arrangement
Statistics and Stochastics in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 01.03.2018  
Steam Generators (Modul) 28.02.2018  
Steam Turbines in Renewable and Conventional Applications 28.02.2018  
Steel Structures I 15.02.2018  
Steel Structures I (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Steel Structures I+II 28.02.2018  
Steel Structures II (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Steel Structures III/ Design of Concrete Buildings 23.03.2018  
Steel and Composite Structures (Modul)/Steel and Compositite Structures/Steel Bridges 26.02.2018  
Steel-Concrete Composite Structures by arrangement
Stochastic Processes (Modul) 22.03.2018  
Stochastics (Modul) 23.03.2018  
Stochastics and Ship Dynamics (Modul)/ Ship Dynamics/ Statistics and Stochastic Processes in Naval Architecure and Ocean Engineering 01.03.2018  
Strategic Constulting & Change Management (Modul) 19.02.2018  
Strategic Management (Modul) by arrangement
Strategic Production and Logistics Management (Modul)/Operative Production and Logistics Management 13.02.2018  
Strategic Supply Chain Management 13.02.2018  
Strategien und Instrumente des Online Marketing by arrangement
Structural Analysis - Selected Topics (Modul)/Nonlinear analysis of frame structure 16.03.2018  
Structural Analysis - Selected Topics / Structural Dynamics 05.03.2018  
Structural Analysis I 07.02.2018  
Structural Analysis II (Modul) 05.02.2018  
Structural Analysis and Structural Dynamics (Modul)/Structural Dynamics/Structural and Geotechnical Engineering - Selected Topics/ 05.03.2018  
Structural Analysis of Ships and Offshore Structures (Modul) 13.02.2018  
Structural Design and Construction of Ships (Modul) / Ship Structural Design / Welding Technology 05.02.2018 Prüfungsteil Schweißtechnik am 01.03.2018
Structural Dynamics 05.03.2018  
Structural Materials/ Fundamentals of Mechanical Properties of Materials / Welding Technology 01.03.2018  
Structural Metallic Materials 02.03.2018  
Structure and Properties of Composites 16.02.2018  
Structure and Properties of Polymers 16.02.2018  
Structures in Foundation and Hydraulic Engineering (Modul)/Structures in Foundation and Hydraulic Engineering/ 19.02.2018  
Supply Chain Management (Modul) (SCM)/Value-Adding Networks 02.03.2018  
Surface Hydrology by arrangement
Sustainability and Risk Management (Modul)/Environment and Sustainability by arrangement
Sustainable Flood Protection by arrangement
Sustainable Mobility in Megacities and Developing Countries by arrangement
Sustainable Water Management and Microbiology of Water Supply (Modul)/ Microbiology of water supply/ Sustainable Water Management 20.03.2018  
Synthesis and Design of Industrial Facilities (Modul) by arrangement
System Analysis in Air Transportation 09.03.2018  
System Aspects of Renewable Energies (Modul)/Fuel Cells, Batteries, and Gas Storage: New Materials for Energy Production and Storage/Energy Trading/Deep Geothermal Energy 15.02.2018  
System Simulation by arrangement
Systems Engineering (Modul) 06.03.2018  
Systems Engineering Development Project I by arrangement
Systemt Theory and Planning Analysis (Modul)/System Theory and Analysis 09.03.2018  
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Team Project MB (Modul) by arrangement
Technical Acoustics I (Modul) 08.03.2018  
Technical Acoustics II (Modul) by arrangement
Technical Applications of Particle Technology by arrangement
Technical Biocatalysis / Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology 05.02.2018  
Technical Elements and Fluid Mechanics of Sailing Ships by arrangement
Technical Logistics (Modul) 09.02.2018  
Technical Logistics Laboratory by arrangement
Technical Mechanics I 14.03.2018  
Technical Mechanics I (Modul) 14.03.2018  
Technical Mechanics II (Modul) 14.03.2018  
Technical Microbiology (Modul)/Applied Molecular Biology/Technical Microbiology 09.03.2018  
Technical Microbiology / Advanced Technical Microbiology 09.03.2018  
Technical Thermodynamics I (Modul) 27.02.2018  
Technical Thermodynamics II (Modul) 15.03.2018  
Technology Management (Modul) 30.01.2018 TUHH, SBC 2 (Building D), Room 2.022
Planung durch den Prüfer
Technology Management / Technology Management Seminar 30.01.2018 TUHH, SBC 2 (Building D), Room 2.022
Planung durch den Prüfer
Technology of Naval Surface Vessels by arrangement
Technology of Submarines by arrangement
The Digital Company 27.02.2018  
Theoretical Electrical Engineering I: Time-Independent Fields (Modul) 16.03.2018  
Theoretical Electrical Engineering II: Time Varying Fields (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Theory of Elasticity by arrangement
Thermal Engineering (Modul) 26.03.2018  
Thermal Separation Processes 23.02.2018  
Thermal Separation Processes (Modul) 23.02.2018  
Thermal Waste Processes 08.03.2018  
Thermodynamics by arrangement
Thermodynamics I 27.02.2018  
Thermodynamics II 15.03.2018  
Thermodynamics III 21.03.2018  
3D Computer Vision 21.03.2018  
Timber Structures by arrangement
Traffic Engineering (Modul) by arrangement
Transmission Line Theory 12.02.2018  
Transport Planning and Transport Engineering (Modul) by arrangement
Transport Processes (Modul)/Multiphase Flows/Heat & Mass Transfer in Process Engineering 27.02.2018  
Transport- and Handling-Technology (Modul) 12.02.2018  
Transportation Economics (Modul) 02.03.2018  
Transportation Management by arrangement
Transportation Modelling (Modul) by arrangement
Turbines and turbo compressors by arrangement
Turbo Jet Engines by arrangement
Turbomachinery (Modul) by arrangement
Turbulent Flows by arrangement
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Unit Operations for bio-related Systems / Chromatographic Separation Processes 23.03.2018  
Urban Environmental Management (Modul)/Noise Protection by arrangement
Use of Solar Energy (Modul)/Solar Power Generation/Radiation and Optic 13.02.2018  
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Verification Methods / Numerical Analysis and Matrixes Theory by arrangement
Vibration Theory (Modul) 15.02.2018  
Vibration Theory GES (Modul) 15.02.2018  
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Waste Resources Management 28.03.2018  
Waste Treatment and Soild Matter Process Technology (Modul)/Solids Matter Process Technology of Biomass/Thermal Waste Treatment 08.03.2018  
Waste and Enviromental Chemistry (Modul)/Biological Waste Treatment by arrangement
Waste and Soil (Modul)/Waste, Biology and Soil/Waste Resources Management 28.03.2018  
Waste to Energy by arrangement
Wasterwater Treatment and Air Pollution Abatement (Modul)/Biological Wastewater Treatment/Air Pollution Abatement 05.03.2018  
Wastewater Systems (Modul)/Wastewater Systems - Collection, Treatment and Reuse/Advanced Wastewater Treatment 13.02.2018  
Wastewater Systems and Reuse (Modul)/Collection, Treatment and Reuse/Sustainable Water Management 13.02.2018  
Water Management (Modul)/Water Management and Quality/Groundwater Engineering 23.03.2018  
Water Protection and Wastewater Management 27.02.2018  
Water Resources and -Supply (Modul)/Chemistry of Drinking Water Treatment/Water Resource Management 14.02.2018  
Water Supply and Sanitation 29.03.2018  
Water, Soil, Food and Energy in a global Context (Modul)/Ecological Town Design - Water, Energy, Soil and Food Nexus/Water, Soil, Food and Energy in a global Context/ by arrangement
Waterresources Management 14.02.2018  
Web Engineering by arrangement
Welding Technology 01.03.2018  
Wind Turbine Plants by arrangement
Wood Provision and Processing (Modul) by arrangement
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Please bring with you to the examination venue your identity card or passport and your student enrollment certificate.

Given that examination dates and times may change, please continue to keep an eye on the intranet.

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