Collect, Write, Publish: Open Science in Practice at TUHH: Experiences in Projects, Research and Teaching

22 Mar 2023, 13:00 to 14:30 in Online


Together we try to find an understanding about the usefulness of Open Science.
We'll pick exemplary scenarios to showcase ideas for and use of collaborative tools, and discuss about the open exchange of results.


What is Open Science, and is it useful? Why should we care about Open Science? What is the TUHH's stance on it? We'll ponder these questions during an initial discussion.

Afterwards, we'll pick a couple of experiences from our working life at TUHH. Through these, we try to show how easy Open Science can be practiced in daily life. The focus is on tools and personal best practices.

- How can the management of student theses be done collaboratively within an institute?

- How can open file formats be used in third-party-funded research projects, especially with industrial partners that prefer proprietary office formats?

An emphasis is put onto collaborative work, and how the generated results can be shared with your academic peers around the world in a breeze. We then go one step further, and discuss how we could, instead of sharing results, we could share the process of result generation.

tl;dr: we discuss how we can effectively and collaboratively generate, document and share research results; and we try to motivate you to work in an Open Science-way, by raising the reproducibility of your work.

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Lara Walkling