15.04.2021 - 16.04.2021 09:00-12:30

Rock Your Talk: Enhancing Style and Dynamics in Remote Presentations

This interactive online workshop aims to help identify presenter’s strengths in a virtual setting and to find effective ways in which to incorporate these into a 3-5 minute online talk, with an emphasis on tailoring the talk to diverse audiences, adjusting the dynamics and style of their delivery, and the emphasis and impact of their core message. In this training, participants will explore their style of presenting and the advantages and challenges of presenting in an online medium. Speakers will practice presenting their topic to diverse audiences, prompting the speaker to modulate the tone and style of the delivery to the specified audience.

The workshop enables participants to practice and perfect the fluency of the language in the talk. Intensive coaching is given to enhance the eloquence of the language and to offer strategies to engage the listener conceptually, verbally and visually. The primary aims of how to “get the audience’s attention”, “keep the audience interested” and “make a lasting impression” are addressed in this workshop by means of practical exercises, trainer feedback and useful stylistic and language tools.

Veranstaltungsort:  This workshop will take place online

Graduiertenakademie für Technologie und Innovation, TUHH