18.10.2018 09:00-16:30

Grant Acquisition – How to Produce a Winning Proposal

More and more researchers need to raise money for their research projects. But where to find funding bodies and how to convince them?
This workshop provides an overview about main funding schemes and a chance to learn the practical skills in putting a winning proposal together.
The workshop illustrates the process by the example of Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research & Innovation which is one of the major areas of EU spending. It offers a multitude of opportunities, but also poses many challenges. The skills acquired are transferable to other types of programmes supporting research. It is therefore particularly valuable for those starting out their research career.
The goal of this workshop is to provide a practical training on how to approach the preparation of a proposal effectively, particularly focussing on collaborative projects.
The workshop will cover in a compact, but nevertheless practical form the background knowledge needed to prepare a good proposal and to acquire research funding. The goal is to provide participants with a good understanding of:
Strategic aspects:
•An introduction into funding opportunities and into Horizon 2020
•what information, documents are essential and helpful
•the structure of proposals and how to organise the proposal
preparation to make the process efficient
•how to produce a convincing case, particularly on impact
•financing and budgeting
•success factors and typical failures
The workshop is conceived for researchers wishing to learn about the principles of developing multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

Veranstaltungsort:  TUTECH INNOVATION GMBH, Harburger Schloßstr. 6-12 21079 Hamburg

Silke Ludewigs