27.06.2018 17:00-18:00

"Materialwissenschaftliches Kolloqium des SFB 986"

Frau Prof. Dorota Koziej
Center for Hybrid Nanostructures
Institute for Nanostructure and Solid State Physics
University of Hamburg, Germany

From nanoparticles synthesis in solution to functional devices - a perspective based on in situ synchrotron studies

Over the past years we have developed various approaches to fabricate materials with sophisticated chemical and structural complexity. We have focused on synthesis in non-aqueous solution since this approach is not limited to one particular class of materials. Thus, it gives us flexibility to tailor the composition and properties of materials in respect to the application.
In this talk, I will present how X-ray synchrotron methods, far from merely providing new tools, are extending the ways we study, understand and design such complex structures. Particularly, combination of spectroscopic and scattering methods and rapid data acquisition help to uncover the complex chemical world behind the synthesis of functional materials. It gives complementary information about chemical reaction in solution and nucleation, growth and crystal phase transition of nanoparticles.[1-2]
Moreover, I will discuss how the possibility to select with high-energy resolution the incident and emission X-ray energies offers unprecedented site selectivity and give access to determine structure – function relationship of electrochemical materials. [3,4,5]

Veranstaltungsort:  TUHH, Gebäude H - SBC5, Raum H0.09