Developing a strategic plan for funding your research
The workshop explores the concept of strategy in the research funding context. Having a clear idea of your research direction facilitates aligning even small projects to larger goals, making individual proposals more compelling. It will also help to avoid the trap of letting funding dictate your research focus.
The aim of the workshop is to provide guidance on how to approach key funding issues in the individual research setting. Participants will learn how to apply elements of strategy to develop their research agenda, identify a portfolio of funding opportunities to be pursued in the coming years and manage the grant life cycle effectively to build the resources and capabilities necessary to do independent research.
By the end of the compact, yet interactive workshop participants will have a better understanding of:
•The importance of strategy for enhancing their research profile
•Applying strategy to the individual research setting
•Finding and selecting funding
•Matching funding opportunities to longer-term research goals
•Managing the grant life cycle to build resources and capabilities

This workshop is designed for postdoctoral researchers with typically one to three years of research experience after the PhD preparing to set up their own research group
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Silke Ludewigs