Keeping your Talk Fresh: Storytelling Techniques for Scientific Presentations

10.10.2024 - 11.10.2024 09:00-17:00

PhD candidates and postdocs

This is an activity-based workshop, led by a theatre professional, whose expertise is in eliciting the researchers’ narrative, identifying the speaker's authenticity as a storyteller and supporting the speaker to effectively communicate the importance and relevance of the work and the core message in the talk. Participants learn narrative techniques, practice telling stories and integrate these techniques into their talk. The seminar provides participants the opportunity to connect a narrative to their core research, build the story, create suspense and anchor points of reference throughout the talk with their story. Additionally, they will learn to develop a protagonist and learn how to "chunk" or segment units of action in the talk.

Content Outline:
• Position the research with a meaningful and relevant narrative
• Tailor the story to the audience
• Begin with a strong opening to get the audience involved
• Create clear and identifiable characters and environment
• Build suspense with the narrative and move towards a clear aim
• Economize language and get to the point
• Use active language and identify key points
• Craft the story and build towards a dynamic conclusion

Veranstaltungsort:  TU Hamburg, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 2 (B), Room B 0.001 and B 0.006

Graduiertenakademie für Technologie und Innovation, TU Hamburg