The Powerful Voice - Speaking with dynamism and power

07.06.2024 09:00-17:00

Doctoral candidates and postdocs

One of the most powerful tools of communication is our voice, not only does it help us convey our ideas it also provides another way for our listeners to understand who we are. For better or for worse, people judge our intelligence and our trustworthiness by our voice and the way we use it. For professional academics, this is key when it comes to presenting their research, giving a lecture, or putting their best selves forward in an interview.
After this one-day workshop, participants will be able to warm-up their own voice, know proper breathing techniques, understand how to project their voice without strain, utilize pitch, rhythm, and pace in their speech and be aware of techniques to help them deal with pressure and stress

Content Outline:
Fundamentals of Breathing:
• Identify individual breathing patterns
• Techniques for releasing the breath and breathing freer
• Psychological and physiological aspects of breathing

Vocal Projection:
• Dealing with throat and jaw tension
• Resonance: using chest and head resonance
• Techniques to increase volume without harming the voice

Articulation & Rhythm:
• How to properly warm up articulators
• Exercises to address tricky sounds and sound combinations
• Taking control of pace and rhythm

• Using pauses, silence, and intonation.
• Practice and assessment

Veranstaltungsort:  TU Hamburg, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 2 (B), Room B 0.001 and B 0.006

Graduiertenakademie für Technologie und Innovation, TU Hamburg