15.06.2022 17:00-18:00

Materials Science Colloquium of the SFB986

Prof. Clemens Dransfeld
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
TU Delft, Netherlands

Architecting engineering composite materials at multiple length scales

Carbon fibre reinforced polymers exhibit outstanding mechanical properties at low weight. Their use
in the transportation and energy industry increases dramatically and contributes to a lower CO2
footprint. Maximising the performance of these heterogeneous materials requires an in‐depth
understanding of how they are architected within the polymer matrix, at the fibre interface,
and in their microstructure. These effects can synergistically affect tailored performance through
discontinuities or size effects. In this respect, nature inspires us with intriguing concepts. Their
application to our domain represents a fascinating research and technology development challenge.

Veranstaltungsort:  K0506, Denickestraße 15, TUHH

Andrea Rathjen