Staying Calm and Full of Energy: Stress Competence for PhD Candidates

09.09.2024 - 10.09.2024 09:00-17:00

Doctoral candidates and postdocs

Academic tasks and administration, tutoring and teaching, partner projects… and family first of all! You can feel the stress building up even while reading this. Being asked to do everything at once and straight away is an integral part of daily life in academia. This workshop uses cognitive stress models to show how stress is triggered and the ways in which this can be reduced and avoided. The scope of the workshop does not only include your individual challenges, but also covers the following aspects: identifying and using resources, managing and reducing stress, changing your perception and optimizing your time management accordingly.

Content Outline:
• Stressors in academia
• Mechanisms of stress emergence and consequences of stress
• 3 Pillars of stress competence
• Instrumental stress competence
• Mental stress competence
• Regenerative stress competence
• Personal resources
• Impulses for my personal stress management

Veranstaltungsort:  TU Hamburg, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 2 (B), Room B 0.001 and B 0.006

Graduiertenakademie für Technologie und Innovation, TU Hamburg