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Internationalization Strategies

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Wrona

Course Format:

2 Hours Lecture


Summer Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:



  • Introduction
  • Internationalization of markets
  • Measuring internationalization of firms
  • Target market strategies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Timing strategies
  • Allocation strategies
  • Case Studies

Learning Outcomes:

Basic knowledge concerning the internationalization and globalization of markets and their relevance for strategic management. Understanding and assessing internationalization strategies of firms.

Reading Resources:

·       Bartlett/Ghoshal (2002): Managing Across Borders, The Transnational Solution, 2nd edition, Boston

·       Buckley, P.J./Ghauri, P.N. (1998), The Internationalization of the Firm, 2nd edition

·       Czinkota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova, Marinov (2009), International Business, Hoboken

·       Dunning, J.H. (1993), The Globalization of Business: The Challenge of the 1990s, London

·       Ghoshal, S. (1987), Global Strategy: An Organizing Framework, Strategic Management Journal, p. 425-440

·       Praveen Parboteeah, K.,Cullen, J.B. (2011) , Strategic International Management, International 5th Edition

·       Rugman, A.M./Collinson, S. (2012): International Business, 6th Edition, Essex 2012



Performance Record:

written examination


60 hours total

Further Information:


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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