Module Description

Module: Aircraft Systems I


Aircraft Systems ILecture3Winter Semester
Aircraft Systems IRecitation Section (large)2Winter Semester

Module Responsibility:

Prof. Frank Thielecke

Admission Requirements:


Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Basic knowledge in:

  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Control Systems

Educational Objectives:

Professional Competence

Theoretical Knowledge

Students are able to:

  • Describe essential components and design points of hydraulic, electrical and high-lift systems
  • Give an overview of the functionality of air conditioning systems
  • Explain the need for high-lift systems such as ist functionality and effects
  • Assess the challenge during the design of supply systems of an aircraft

Students are able to:

  • Design hydraulic and electric supply systems of aircrafts
  • Design high-lift systems of aircrafts
  • Analyze the thermodynamic behaviour of air conditioning systems

Personal Competence

Social Competence

Students are able to:

  • Perform system design in groups and present and discuss results

Students are able to:

  • Reflect the contents of lectures autonomously

ECTS-Credit Points Module:



Written exam

Workload in Hours:

Independent Study Time: 110, Study Time in Lecture: 70

Course: Aircraft Systems I


Frank Thielecke




Winter Semester


  • Hydraulic Energy Systems (Fluids; pressure loss in valves and pipes; components of hydraulic systems like pumps, valves, etc.; pressure/flow characteristics; actuators; tanks; power and heat balances; emergency power)
  • Electric Energy Systems (Generators; constant-speed-drives; DC and AC converters; electrical power distribution; bus systems; monitoring; load analysis)
  • High Lift Systems (Principles; investigation of loads and system actuation power; principles and sizing of actuation and positioning systems; safety requirements and devices)
  • Environmental Control Systems (Thermodynamic analysis; expansion and compression cooling systems; control strategies; cabin pressure control systems)


  • Moir, Seabridge: Aircraft Systems
  • Green: Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
  • Torenbek: Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design
  • SAE1991: ARP; Air Conditioning Systems for Subsonic Airplanes