Module Description

Module: Research Project Aircraft-System-Engineering



Module Responsibility:

Dozenten des SD M

Admission Requirements:


Recommended Previous Knowledge:

  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
  • Aircraft Systems I+II
  • Cabin Systems
  • Aircraft Design

Educational Objectives:

Professional Competence

Theoretical Knowledge

The students are able to demonstrate their detailed knowledge in the field of  Aircraft Systems Engineering. They can exemplify the state of technology and application and discuss critically in the context of actual problems and general conditions of science and society.

The students can develop solving strategies and approaches for fundamental and practical problems in Aircraft Systems Engineering. They may apply theory based procedures and integrate safety-related, ecological, ethical, and economic view points of science and society.

Scientific work techniques that are used can be described and critically reviewed.


The students are able to independently select methods for the project work and to justify this choice. They can explain how these methods relate to the field of work and how the context of application has to be adjusted. General findings and further developments may essentially be outlined.

Personal Competence

Social Competence

The students are able to condense the relevance and the structure of the project work, the work steps and the sub-problems for the presentation and discussion in front of a bigger group. They can lead the discussion and give a feedback on the project to their colleagues.


Die Studierenden sind fähig, die zur Bearbeitung der Projektarbeit notwendigen Arbeitsschritte und Abläufe selbständig unter Berücksichtigung vorgegebener Fristen zu planen und zu dokumentieren. Hierzu gehört, dass sie sich aktuelle wissenschaftliche Informationen zielorientiert beschaffen können. Ferner sind sie in der Lage, bei Fachexperten Rückmeldungen zum Arbeitsfortschritt einzuholen, um hochwertige, auf den Stand von Wissenschaft und Technik bezogene Arbeitsergebnisse zu erreichen.

ECTS-Credit Points Module:



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