Module Description

Module: Master Thesis

Module Responsibility:

Professoren der TUHH

Admission Requirements:

  • According to General Regulations §21 (1):

    At least 60 credit points have to be achieved in study programme. The examinations board decides on exceptions.

Educational Objectives:

Professional Competence

Theoretical Knowledge
  • The students can use specialized knowledge (facts, theories, and methods) of their subject competently on specialized issues.
  • The students can explain in depth the relevant approaches and terminologies in one or more areas of their subject, describing current developments and taking up a critical position on them.
  • The students can place a research task in their subject area in its context and describe and critically assess the state of research.

The students are able:

  • To select, apply and, if necessary, develop further methods that are suitable for solving the specialized problem in question.
  • To apply knowledge they have acquired and methods they have learnt in the course of their studies to complex and/or incompletely defined problems in a solution-oriented way.
  • To develop new scientific findings in their subject area and subject them to a critical assessment.

Personal Competence

Social Competence

Students can

  • Both in writing and orally outline a scientific issue for an expert audience accurately, understandably and in a structured way.
  • Deal with issues competently in an expert discussion and answer them in a manner that is appropriate to the addressees while upholding their own assessments and viewpoints convincingly.

Students are able:

  • To structure a project of their own in work packages and to work them off accordingly.
  • To work their way in depth into a largely unknown subject and to access the information required for them to do so.
  • To apply the techniques of scientific work comprehensively in research of their own.

ECTS-Credit Points Module: