Creating Value from Knowledge
Innovation is a term used a lot in the context of research funding, not least now in Horizon 2020, but for many researchers without business experience what this means in practice can pose something of a mystery. This workshop aims to provide a practical understanding what is involved in translating knowledge, or ideas, into something that can create wealth or opportunity for wider use. Participants will learn to relate to business thinking and to understand what it takes to exploit research results. We will look at the processes and roles involved, from the creation of ideas through to developing business plans. We will explore how the participants own research can be ‘valorised’, and consider what support structures are available at universities and research organisations to support innovation.
This workshop is particularly suitable for early-stage researchers, e.g. PhD candidates or post docs, or others who have had little exposure to business oriented R&D. The workshop will be of value both for participants contemplating a switch to working in industry, and those seeking to remain in research but whose work is likely to involve working with industry.
TUTECH INNOVATION GMBH Harburger SchloƟstr. 6-12 Hamburg
Silke Ludewigs