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Physico-Chemical Water Treatment

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Holger Gulyas

Course Format:

2 hours Lecture


Winter Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Fundamentals in Chemistry and Physics


- Stripping
- Evaporation
- Wastewater Incineration
- Wet Air Oxidation
- Advanced Oxidation Processes

Learning Outcomes:

Fundamentals of particular (waste) water treatment unit operations; the lecture aims at demonstrating the conjunction between process fundamentals and appearance of the concerning apparatus

Reading Resources:

Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater, A.P. Sincero, G.A. Sincero, CRC Press, Boca Raton 2003;
Handbook of Separation Techniques for Chemical Engineers, P.A. Schweitzer, ed., McGraw-Hill, New York 1988
Perry´s Chemical Engineers´ Handbook, R.H. Perry, D.W. Green, J.O. Maloney, eds., McGraw-Hill, New York 1984
Chemical Engineering, Vol. 2, J.M. Coulson, J.F. Richardson, Pergamon Press, Oxford 1991
Ozone in Water Treatment, B. Langlais, D.A. Reckhow, D.R. Brink, eds., Lewis Publishers, Chelsea 1991

Performance Record:

oral exam


60 hours total


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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