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Master Thesis

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Ein Professor der TUHH


Summer and Winter Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Successful completion of all other examinations required to obtain an MSc


Working on a research topic issued by one of the institutes of TUHH

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge: Broad theoretical and methodological underpinnigs for a given problem in engineering science
  • Competence of methods: Theory based utilization of sophisticated methods and procedures of the field, writing of scientific reports
  • Competence of systems: System-oriented and analytical thinking, evaluation of different solution approaches, critical evaluation and discussion of the results obtained
  • Social competence: Identification of the role of own work in the context of the mission of the institute issueing the thesis, cooperation with the other members of the institute´s team

Reading Resources:


Performance Record:

Submission of Master -Thesis, presentation and defence of thesis


900 hours total

Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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