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Interaction Environment/ Water in River Basins

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Peter Fröhle

Course Format:

1 Hour Lecture, 1 Hour Exercise


Winter Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

basic knowledge in Surface Hydrology according to the lecture "Surface Hydrolgy" of the Bachelor Program Civil and Environmental Engineering


Derivation and explanation of the mathematical fundamentals in modeling hydrological cycles and material flow processes in river basins.

introduction in rainfall-runoff-modeling, water-balance-modelling and soil-erosion-models

definition, of the data model parameter calibration and sensitive analysis with the given models at two real river basins , a rural and urban one.

presentation of different methods to retain rain water, to recharge groundwater and to stabilize soil on agricultural land

introduction to legal frameworks of water and material flow management (EU Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD), Eu Flood-Directive, regulations for groundwater protection and nature conservation) i

development of integrative river basin management plans according to EU-WFD by making use of the modeling tools and through optimization the effectiveness and efficiency of the water resources and soil conversation measures.

Learning Outcomes:

(K1,F1, C2): Familiarization of the applicationof hydrological and material flow models for the spatial and temporal analyis of hydrological and material cycles in river basins and watershed areas. 

(K1, F1, C2): Understanding and getting familiar with water and material flow cycles in natural, rural and urban catchments of water courses

(K1, F1,C1,C2) Learning techniques and methods of managing water and material flow in a sustainable way in river basins as a consequence of antrophogenic climate changes

Reading Resources:

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Performance Record:

2 approved homeworks, one written exam


90 hours total

Further Information:


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