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Thermal Waste Treatment

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Joachim Gerth, Ernst-Ulrich Hartge

Course Format:

2 Hours Lecture, 1 Hour Exercise


Summer Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Fundamentals of Waste Management


    Introduction to waste incineration: historical development and today´s status, targets and legislations, reaction schemes, principle set up of plants (Stegmann)

    Fundamentals of combustion: Composition and calorific value of fuels and waste, Determination of the stoichiometric air consumption, Calculation of the flue gas composition (Werther)

    Modules of incinerators: grate firing designs, boiler design, removal of bottom ash, heat recovery (Werther)

    Flue gas treatment: quantities, composition, legal requirements (17. BImSchV), basics of flue gas cleaning, de-dusting, flue gas scrubbers, DeNOx processes, dioxins and furans, mercury removal, examples of flue gas treatment plants (Werther)

    Alternative thermal processes: co-incineration, pyrolysis, gasification, Noell-process, Schwelbrenn-process, Thermoselect- process (Werther)

    Bottom ash: Quantity, quality, treatment, utilization, disposal (Gerth)

    Infrastructure of an incinerator: Delivery, pre-treatment, bunker, treatment of residues (Stegmann)

    Evaluation of incineration plants: mass and energy balances, comparisons, costs, public acceptance (Stegmann)

    Optimisation of incinerators: water cooled grate, corrosion, controlling (Stegmann)

    Future trends: decentralised, modular plants (Stegmann)

    Sewage sludge incineration: composition, limit values, disposal options, pre-treatment, fluidised bed technology, co-incineration, further processes (Stegmann)

    Hazardous waste incineration: set up of plants, rotary kiln, liquid wastes, formation of hazardous substances, incineration of animal carcasses (Stegmann)

    Planning and construction of incineration plants (guest lecturer)

    Exercises partly as excursions (Stegmann)

Learning Outcomes:

Advanced knowledge for solving problems related to waste incineration and incineration basics, get an overview over different incineration processes, flue gas treatment etc.

Reading Resources:

Bilitewski, B.; Härdtke, G.; Marek, K.: Abfallwirtschaft. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1994.

Sattler, K.; Emberger, J.: Behandlung fester Abfälle. Vogel-Verlag, Würzburg, 1992.

Thomé-Kozmiensky, K. J. (Hrsg.): Thermische Abfallbehandlung. EF-Verlag für Energie- und Umwelttechnik, Berlin, 1994.

Performance Record:

written exam


120 hours total

Further Information:


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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