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Subsoil and underground engineering laws

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Georg-Friedger Drewsen

Course Format:

2 hours Lecture


Winter Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Environmental law, building contract law


  1. Introduction
    1. Historical overview
    2. Fields of excarvation law
    3. The contractual parties
    4. The neighbour
    5. Gouvernmental agencies, cooperatives
    6. Other parties involved
  2. Excarvation law
    1. Duties by public law
    2. Purchase of property
    3. Planing of the excarvation projekt
    4. Construction law contract according to BGB / VOB – composition and execution
  3. Cases in excarvation law

Learning Outcomes:

Skills: competent knowledge of foundation and excarvation law, contract law, VOB

Capability: assessment and composition of the most important statutes of construction law and coordination of procedures in construction law

Competence: antizipatory identification of legal problems and thereby capability to avoid or rather compensate legal disputes in construction law

Reading Resources:

Englert/Grauvogl/Maurer: Handbuch des Baugrund- und Tiefbaurechts, 3. Auflage 2004

Englert/Bauer/Grauvogl, Rechtsfragen zum Baugrund, 2. Auflage 1991

Englert, Kernprobleme des Baugrund- und Tiefbaurechts, in: Handbuch zur Vertragsgestaltung, Vertragsabwicklung und Prozessführung im privaten und öffentlichen Baurecht, 2001

Gesetzestexte: VOB, BGB

Performance Record:



60 hours total

Further Information:


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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