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Engineering Education

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Christian Kautz

Course Format:

2 hours Seminar


Summer and Winter Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Introductory course on Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, or Thermodynamics


Reflecting on current practice in engineering education;

Requirements for successful learning and teaching;
Learning and teaching formats, active learning, advantages and shortcomings of e-learning;
Introduction to engineering education;
Collaborative learning, research on learning behavior and motivation;
Discussion of sample tutorials with the help of video recordings;
Preparation of tutorial sessions;
Planning of projects.

Learning Outcomes:


Knowledge and understanding of terminology, methods, and results of emirical engineering education research;


Ability to apply learning and teaching strategies to specific topics in engineering curriculum 

(by aquiring practical experience in teaching)


Ability to evaluate instructional materials

Ability to teach and learn effectively.


Reading Resources:

ausgewählte Artikel aus Fachzeitschriften werden an die Seminarteilnehmer
verteilt, weiterführende Literatur wird zum jeweiligen Thema angegeben

Performance Record:

Participation in teaching of tutorial classes;

Participation in development of instructional materials, or 
Presentation in seminar, or
written seminar paper.<


60 hours total


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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