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Renewable Energy

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kaltschmitt

Course Format:

2 Hours Lecture


Summer Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:



- Introduction

- Solar energy for heat and electricity production

- Wind energy for electricity production

- Hydropower for electricity production

- Ocean energy for electricity production

- Geothermal energy for heat and electricity production

Learning Outcomes:


Deep knowledge of the interdisciplinary interrelationsship and the classification of the topic of the lessons within the scientific and social environment

Theoretical use of very demanding methods and processes within this topic of the lessons

Assessment of different approaches for solutions within a multidimensional decision area


Knowledge of basic interrelationsships, theories and methods within the topic of the lessons

Knowledge of appropriate methods and tools

Understanding of general and specific problems within the topic of the lesson and the area around; selection and knowledge of appropriate methods for the solution of a problem

Reading Resources:

Kaltschmitt, M.; Streicher, W.; Wiese, A. (Hrsg.): Erneuerbare Energien – System­technik, Wirtschaft­lichkeit, Umweltaspekte; Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2006, 4. Auflage

Kaltschmitt, M.; Streicher, W.; Wiese, A. (Hrsg.): Renewable Energy – Technology, Economics and Environment; Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg,2007

Performance Record:

Written examination


90 hours total

Further Information:


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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