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Circuit Design

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Prof. Wolfgang Krautschneider

Course Format:

3 hours Lecture, 1 hour Exercise


Summer Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Application-oriented basics of circuit analysis (One- and two-ports, controlled sources)
Courses: Basics of electrical engineering and electronic devices


  • Application of device models in basic circuits, bias-analysis
  • Substructures of basic analogue circuits (active load, reference-sources, current-mirror)
  • Basic principles of amplification
  • Operational amplifier and its application
  • Scaling-down of CMOS circuits
  • Memory circuits
  • Analog circuits
  • Bipolar and BiCMOS circuits

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge: Circuit-based realisation of basic system functions and their behaviour-analysis by semiconductor circuits with topics of integrated circuit aspects. Overview on relevant circuit-techniques.
  • Competence of Methods: Ability to provide solutions for calculations of electronic circuits and to come to quantitative results

Reading Resources:

R. J. Baker, CMOS - Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation, J. Wiley & Sons Inc
Auflage, 2005, ISBN: 047170055S

H.-G. Wagemann und T. Schönauer, Silizium-Planartechnologie, Grundprozesse, Physik und Bauelemente
Teubner-Verlag, 2003, ISBN 3519004674

K. Hoffmann, Systemintegration, Oldenbourg-Verlag, 2. Aufl. 2006,
ISBN: 3486578944

U. Tietze und Ch. Schenk, E. Gamm, Halbleiterschaltungstechnik,
Springer Verlag, 12. Auflage, 2002, ISBN 3540428496


Performance Record:

written exam


180 hours total

Further Information:


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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