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Wind Turbine Plants

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Rudolf Zellermann

Course Format:

2 hours Lecture


Summer Semester



Recommended Previous Knowledge:

Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics, Fundamentals of turbomachines


  • History of windmills
  • Wind: Sources, geographical and timely scaled distribution, optimum wind sites
  • Ideal power coefficient, rotor thrust
  • Aerodynamics of rotors
  • Operation characteristics
  • Power limitation, part load, pitch und stall, controlling
  • Selection of wind turbines, estimateed annual power convertion, commercial aspects
  • Excursion

Learning Outcomes:

History of windmills and of theory on drag and lifting forces, conservation of momentum and energy, mechanisms of losses, geometry of an ideal shaped multi bladed rotor, operating and control, structural dynamics, similarity rules, commercial aspects

Reading Resources:

Gasch, R., Windkraftanlagen, 4. Auflage, Teubner-Verlag, 2005

Performance Record:

oral test


90 hours total


Credit points of this module can be found in the course plan for the corresponding course of study.

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